expenditure ex‧pen‧di‧ture [ɪkˈspendɪtʆə ǁ -ər] noun [countable, uncountable]
the total amount of money that a government, organization, or person spends during a particular period of time:

• An advertiser rarely knows what its return on investment in advertising expenditure is.

expenditure on

• a 58% increase in expenditure on books and teaching materials

ˌcapital exˈpenditure [countable, uncountable] ACCOUNTING
spending by a company on buildings, machinery, equipment etc; = CAPITAL OUTLAY:

• Tight credit markets could make heavy capital expenditures on new technology difficult now.

• Asahi increased capital expenditure to increase production capacity.

conˌsumption exˈpenditures [plural] ECONOMICS
amounts of money spent by people buying goods and services in an economy:

• Economists generally expect personal income to have risen in December and consumption expenditures to have been flat.

ˌgovernment exˈpenditure [countable, uncountable] FINANCE
spending by a government, usually a national government:

• Falling oil prices coupled with increased government expenditure are widening Venezuela's budget deficit.

ˌmarketing exˈpenditure [countable, uncountable] MARKETING
the amount of money spent by a company on marketing activities in a particular period of time:

• The company said discount pricing that began last summer requires heavy marketing expenditures.

ˌpublic exˈpenditure [countable, uncountable] FINANCE
another name for government expenditure
ˌstate exˈpenditure [countable, uncountable] FINANCE
spending by a government, or, in the US, one of its states:

• There is growing pressure on California to reduce state expenditure.

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expenditure UK US /ɪkˈspendɪtʃər/ noun
[C or U] ECONOMICS, COMMERCE the total amount of money that an organization or person spends: reduce/keep down/cut expenditure »

We're primarily concerned with keeping expenditure down.


increase expenditure

expenditure on sth »

We were forced to cut expenditure on R&D.


advertising/research/IT expenditure

[U] FORMAL the act of using or spending energy, time, or money: the expenditure of sth on sth »

The expenditure of effort on this project has been enormous.

See also CAPITAL EXPENDITURE(Cf. ↑capital expenditure), GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE(Cf. ↑government expenditure), MARKETING EXPENDITURE(Cf. ↑marketing expenditure), PUBLIC EXPENDITURE(Cf. ↑public expenditure), STATE EXPENDITURE(Cf. ↑state expenditure)

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